“I Told You So “An interesting story to follow up


Would it be alright if I used Twi-translated English, ‘We are sitting on money but yet we are hungry ‘

Due to different levels of understanding, some residents of a town called Hardship did not understand what Mr Kalyppo meant. So they quickly ran through the forest near my house. Another group headed to the riverside near the village to engage in an activity known as Galamsey, which means gathering and selling.

This is a term used by the locals to describe illegal small scale gold mining. The selling part of the activity isn’t the issue, it’s the gathering. Where to gather, how to gather, and who to gather are critical questions to answer.

Kalyppo, the town’s assemblyman, is not happy that people misinterpreted his statement and are working in the wrong direction “We are sitting on money but yet we are hungry”

The famous gongon beater Mr Smart is making a lot of damaging speeches in Onua, a five-meter square room in the town center where town leaders are monitored and community issues are discussed. His colleagues, who live in nearby towns, like Montie and XYZ, have now joined the campaign.

If more, less divides, the unit committee chairman Mr Onaapo is preparing to premiere his first movie, titled ” I TOLD YOU SO” He will take the opportunity to explain to the community why he came up with the title. The film appears to deal with economic hardship in the town and the rapid rise of Galamsey.

You will be interested in this movie, but I understand your hesitation because you do not live in this town. Therefore, let me watch it and I will tell you the story next week. May history be our witness.

Steven Forter

Steven Forter

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