Ghanaian Youth in 2030


Not all that glitters is gold! All fingers are not equal. These are often cited as a way to slow down people’s desire for something. If all fingers are not equal, does that mean my own might be the shortest?

Walking side by side on the street of Accra, 24th December 2030. I saw many young ladies on the streets with babies with no fatherly care. I tried to speak to some of them, but I realized I was in a hurry, so I moved down to the west of the city. As I was walking, I saw many young men wearing torn clothes and dressed in a ragtag style. I do not know what kind of job they do but it is obvious that their profession is not recognized by society and the constitution of the land.

 Behind me, I heard the sound of a loud group singing. It appeared to be a pressure group staging an economic demonstration against the government. 

I heard some women selling on the roadside and asking each other, why are we not selling today? Where are the customers? I heard another voice whispering to me, look on your watch, record the time and write what you are seeing. In the next hour, I will review its interpretation for you. I checked the time, and it was 12:34 GMT on 24th December 2030. 

After a few hours, I heard a loud voice calling Philip. I remained quiet with no response, thinking it was not me until he said Philip the seer! He took me into the spirit and started showing me the meaning of what I saw.

 He began by asking, do you remember during the peak of the pandemic I told you that your country would not only battle Coronavirus but antenatal viruses too? I quickly remembered what he said. He continued that, I know you did not understand then, but the results are with you now. These women, who you earlier saw on the streets with children without fatherly care, were affected by both the antenatal virus and other societal viruses. I thought I told you to inform the ministry of gender about the pending danger, so they can educate the public, particularly teenagers, about it, but they never did.

The other group made up of guys you saw on the streets is a continuation of the first vision. The male children you saw with their mothers have now grown up. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances they have both experienced, neither of them has a promising future. Therefore, they are living on the streets. You already know what they may be doing right now, so I will not show you the female among them. I will not tell you what those guys do on the street, but buy the Daily Graphic and read the front page the next day. 

The singing and dancing you heard were not fans of Kuami Eugene, but workers demonstrating against unfair wages and salaries due to economic hardship. When I heard the name “Kuami Eugene”, I was surprised, so I asked, do you listen to his music? He replied yes, especially the one with the title” Open Gate”. He said, now you know the problems your people were facing were their wages and salaries. I don’t expect you to ask me why the women were asking each other, why are we not selling? Where are the customers? I replied yes, I think I understand now. 

He then commanded me by mentioning my name loudly that I should warn my people about the challenging times ahead. Tell those who have the wisdom to listen and those who have the understanding to explain. There are challenging times ahead and we should work and prepare for them. Then I woke up and realized this was all a dream. It was 10:20 GMT in my local time, so I rushed to grab the daily graphic and guess what, it was on the front page: ‘Robbers Kill Police Officer in Bullion Van’ “Government Taskforce on Galamsey arrest 4 at Manso”. “Fuel Prices Increased by 30 percent”. 

The Seer must sleep again in order to figure out a solution to this shocking situation. Until then, history will stand as our witness.

Steven Forter

Steven Forter

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