Are we waiting for Paul, formerly known as Saul?


Weeds are plants that grow where they are unwanted.

This is what my grade six tutor made me understand. With this definition may I have your attention colleagues? A farm of cassava with few cocoyams not deliberately planted will be seen as weeds. You are shouting “Yes”, why? The intention was not to cultivate cocoyam but cassava, so it is a weed.

On December 7th, 2012, 17:30 GMT my local time. An old man called Nana visited me in a town called Expectation. The people in this village were in a big crisis. The unemployment rate was high in both the formal and informal sectors. Low wages and salaries, and poor roads had resulted in many fatal road accidents. Other factors socially, economically, and financially had increased teenage pregnancy as well as the death rate. Also, prices for goods and services, including fuel, continue to increase.

I brought up all these problems when talking to the man who just visited me, and he assured me he could be of help. I was happy to hear that, so I quickly bought him a Kalyppo before introducing him to the youths of the village. The youths fell in love with him, and they also wanted to make him feel at home. Therefore, they also brought Kalyppos just to let him know they are behind him.

Nana insisted that we make him a leader in the village before he could help us solve these problems. The town committee chairman, Mr. Paul Onaapo wasn’t happy about this. He advised that we should not give him a chance since he is a newcomer to the village. This is because there is a lot for him to learn before he can be trusted.

Despite my indecision, my wife has already thrown her support behind him. Who am I to say no since it could affect my daily life both day and night?

Together with the youth in the village, I and the town council selected him to lead the community on December 7th, 2015. Size and weight do not determine men’s ability to impregnate a woman. Instead, the ability to spray water so I wasn’t worried about him being a newbie in the village or doesn’t know how things are done.

When the stomach is angry the brain does not have space to think. Therefore, Nana, the newly elected town leader, told me that he would start by implementing free education policies, the most effective policy ever implemented at the wrong time. On your first day, I thought. I told you, Nana, there are no jobs in the village and social vices have increased. Should we train more youths and give them knowledge without a purpose or vision?

There is a fire on the mountain, 14th February 2022! As of 10:42 GMT, I hadn’t eaten breakfast. I had just ten cedis for the day, but Perna my first daughter will soon come for her feeding money. She didn’t make it to school today because I didn’t have money for her class fees. My second daughter Auntie is crying next to me. I guess her SMA is finished.

At this time, I could hear my wife talking to her hairdresser in the street behind our room. Does she want to do her hair today? She said my husband was in the room. Let’s see him, and then we’ll go to the salon shortly. I think I need to fake sickness before she gets here. Make me sleep, the pressure is too much. Let history be my witness .

Steven Forter

Steven Forter

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    Great piece

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    This is a great piece keep it up.

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